Summer time 

How are we already more than half way through August? The weather has been beautiful but I haven’t even started to do half the things I was planning. 

Partly because we’ve been away for two weeks in Uganda and since coming back have been a bit poorly – but things are looking up! I was back to baking today, some chocolate Oreo cupcakes which a lot of customers have come back for more of, clearly a popular choice I think partly down to the fact that there is a hidden Oreo at the base (there you go I’ve let out the secret) 😜.

As I was baking and hoping the buttercream didn’t melt too much in the heat I was thinking what do I love about summer? I think one of the main things is that generally speaking u can just leave the house without much of a thought, you seem to be allowed to just sit for hours on end soaking up the sun reading a book or enjoying a nice refreshing drink but most of all I love time with my husband. We are both off for the summer and it’s such a blessing to have this quality time together. Today we were planning some ideas for date nights that we want to do over the next year – some free, some slightly more expensive but it’s quite exciting to think of the things I get to do with him. 

Another cracking thing about the summer has to be ‘Mr Whippy’ ice-creams, vans constantly go through the village with their crazy music playing so one day instead of buying one I decided to make a tribute to them, my Mr Whippy 99 cupcakes. This set I gave to my class as a leaving present, they seemed pretty happy it was hard to tell through the mouthfuls! 

Until next time … 

Jenny Bakes x


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