Time out 

Life can be busy and even though it seems like u r putting more into the schedule, being out for the day can be the absolute best remedy. Waking up yesterday to my husband saying ‘we should go out, spend some time together, how about visiting Bicester shopping village, get there for breakfast and enjoy the day together.’ Amazing husband I hear you say? Well yes, yes he is! He always knows just what I need and this was perfect! 

It was a beautiful day if a little chilly when we first got there so we settled into the ‘Farmshop’ the waiter was so lovely and brought us the nicest breakfast – the orangest eggs you have ever seen! Poached to perfection – I highly recommend going. 

If I’m honest as beautiful as the village is I was a bit overwhelmed by it and the designer names you see, nothing being affordable and in actual fact made me realise that if I had £400 to spend on a bag (just because it had a name on it) id much rather feel the buzz of getting 50 things for that! I think without a doubt I’m a bargain lover – hence most of my furniture having been upcycled from the dump or charity shops 😍. 

A highlight of the day for me was actually sitting with an iced tea (yum) and watching the world go by with my best friend, people watching has to be one of the best things to do, not to judge but to see how people interact – getting excited that the top in Ralph Lauren was only £16! They both hated it but £16 meant they could buy it 🙌🏻 which in turn meant they started to want it 😳 – hilarious! 

 It was an idyllic sort of day and as I sit here writing, watching the rain trickle down I am very pleased we made good use of what could have been the last day of summer! ☀️

Much love

Jenny X


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