Little adventures

The car is packed with a picnic, the bikes are in, it’s a beautiful day so we decided to have some time in the forest – I love my bike with its little basket and love going on little adventures with the Hubbie.

 But our adventure was not to be what we thought – 2 miles down the road our car started making some very horrible noises every time we broke. Fortunately we were not far from our local garage who are always so good so we popped in and yep we were right brake pads and discs need replacing 😐 

Normally this would be the most stressful thing, a car going wrong, but in actual fact it was simple we got the bikes back out of the car and cycled the lovely road home, enjoyed a picnic on the cricket green by our house and generally had a really peaceful time. 

We were just thankful that it hadn’t happened over the last couple of days when we were visiting people in Glastonbury, Bristol and Bath. It’s been an amazing few days catching up with friends it makes me so appreciative of what and who we have in our lives! 

Now to top it all off I’m going to enjoy making a delicious cake, what shall it be Victoria or a chocolate sponge? 

Lots of love

Jenny X 


One thought on “Little adventures

  1. What a positive outcome from a potentially nightmare-ish situation. An excellent alternative and so glad that you had some fab weather to help you along. Adventures all the way! x


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