The good life

Is there anything more delightful than a cycle in the sunshine? ☀️ As we cycled down the country roads near our house we came across some brambles and there woven inside were some delicious looking blackberries. We decided to pick some and it felt as though I was living The Good Life. Such a satisfying feeling to bring them home and even better when I get to bake something with them. 

 Now the hard decision needs to be made, take inspiration from #GBBO and make a blackberry drizzle bundt cake or make a traditional blackberry and apple crumble and freeze it ready for when those chilly Autumnal evenings begin. 

Which do you think? Or maybe you have a better idea I’d love to know it. It was such a beautiful day spent with this man, being in holiday time with him is without doubt the best thing, even when we are just pottering around at home, I just love it! 

Such a perfect way to start a bank holiday weekend, hope you’ve got some lovely plans too. 

Lots of love 

Jenny x


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