First day


Today was the first official day of my new start, it dawned on me that although I have loved what I did for 7 years it came to an end, it didn’t feel right to carry on – it has felt so right and today I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day being a wife. 

It may be cliche or traditional but it’s what makes me happy and to me, now, that is what matters 😊 

I spent time today organising, sorting and clearing. You know one of those days that  you get stuck into stuff and the time just disappears ⏱however there were 2 highlights to my day. The first was that I had challenged myself to make something from or for #GBBO so today I stopped putting it off and made some Vienesse whirls – they were not as hard as I thought they would be and I really enjoyed it! I did however go a bit generous on the jam and buttercream…messy! 

I have to admit as well, within an hour one was being gobbled with a cup of tea and a lovely friend to help me test them. I don’t normally get to eat my bakes but this was an exception – so lovely and crumbly 😋! 

The other highlight was around food, there’s a theme here! I loved having time to cook a proper dinner for my husband, it was cooking for a couple of hours and when he walked in the door it was pretty much ready, it was so rewarding to see him immediately relax and it just made everything about the day worthwhile. I had always felt I wasn’t doing my job and today there was a snippet of being able to do that. I know it’s not for everyone and it might not be for us forever but right now in this moment I can see he is happy and in turn so am I. 

Who knows what tomorrow will bring but I cannot wait. 

Take care all and thanks for reading X


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