Beauty all around

Have you ever had one of those days where you notice everything around you? This morning has been one of those days. When you are busy you tend to have the blinkers on and just rush through everything without having a second to stop, breath and take in what’s around you – I’ve been there. Until you are out of it you don’t notice you are in it. I urge you to try at one point in your day just stop, breath and look around you. I bet you see something you’ve never seen before or you appreciate where you are. 

I feel so blessed by where we live, we may not own our house, we may not be able to do any work to it (yes that’s a dream of mine) but it’s perfect. I love the quirks it has, the cosiness of it and the feeling that when you walk in it’s home. We’ve lived here for over 3 years now and the view from our house never gets old. Sitting having a cup of tea first thing in the morning looking out of the beautiful old (single glazed, yes I admit they can be a bit rubbish in the winter, but we won’t dwell on that). sash window that overlooks the cricket green it’s just the best seat it the house. It’s not hard to appreciate beauty when you are sat there.  

 This week has been especially lovely and homely as we have a dog in the house, looking after her whilst friends are on holiday but with her resting her head on your lap or sitting on your feet and following you around the house just gives that extra lovely comfort. I’ve loved it! 

I think the thing this morning was just the beauty being blown in through the slightly open windows, making me notice it. Autumn is by far my favourite time of year and I think it was a reminder that it’s coming. Who can honestly say that putting on layers of knitted items, scarves, hats, having fires, hot chocolates and home cooked, slow cooked dinners is not the best thing? I haven’t even mentioned the cold crisp autumn walks where the leaves crunch beneath your feet and then you come home to a handpicked apple and blackberry crumble with oodles of custard poured over – is my love of Autumn coming through yet? 


I do hope you get to enjoy it to, it’s beautiful. I know the dark mornings and early dark evenings can blind us from the beauty of the season but in those moments remember how it means you can light a candle, a fire or curl up in a blanket… What bliss. 

Let me know, do you love or hate this amazing season? 

Take care 

Lots of love 

Jenny x


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