Weekends come and go

This weekend has just been so wonderful, after a very productive Friday I was well and truly ready for the weekend. We have noticed that our priorities have started to change and that we want to fill our weekends with quality time together, with friends and with family. This weekend started so well… Date night! 

 For us this is such an important time of the week. Over the summer we decided to make a list of all the things we wanted to do on a date night; some free, some a little more expensive but that we would spread them out over the year. Friday’s date, drinks at the pubs – it genuinely feels such a vital time for us as a couple to just be us, chat and have some fun together! I would definitely recommend making time for it, it honestly will be the best thing that u do😍. 

Anyways back to the weekend, Saturday came round and my parents came to visit, was so lovely to see them and have fun with them, you get so easily bogged down in the serious stuff it was nice to just be a bit silly, especially when my dad ended up being the tour guide in the garden centre – his biggest love. I hate to admit it but some parts were actually really useful 😂 – don’t tell him that! I do love seeing them, it’s just so easy and homely. 

One thing about my new adventure is just having time, time to relax, time to see family and friends and head space just to think and be me again, I feel like I’m finding me again not that I was lost but just that I’m taking back what is important to us and that I can be me whilst doing it, not having to prove myself to anyone really is just so refreshing. 

Today was also the last day of dog sitting – it’s been a beautiful day so after church I packed up a picnic and we disappeared for the afternoon with the dog. It was so lovely and a bit of escapism – it also meant James wasn’t thinking about prepping and marking so we had his full attention! 

This week having the dog has made us tempted to get a dog it’s been so nice, she may be a bit cheeky but that does add to the fun and picking up poo… Well, that’s not the best bit but when she brings her toy to play with u or leans her head on your lap that gives such a comfort that just makes you feel so loved and having her trotting around the house (or in her case sliding around on the floorboards and tiles) adds a bit of company and comfort to the place! 

Weekends do come and go but the length of time is irrelevant when you use it wisely and this weekend has been filled and used well… So satisfying 😍 

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend too, would love to hear about them please do leave a comment and share your highs! 

Lots of love 

Jenny X


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