Little treats

Today was an unexpected glorious day ☀️ I was so ready for Autumn to start and then out pops the sun again and it’s a scorcher! 

I spent the morning doing odd jobs around the house and one job in particular was very exciting – signing up to having a stall at the Hook Christmas Cracker this year, I am so excited if a bit overwhelmed that I just mentioned Christmas agh, sorry 😳! 

Then this afternoon came around (very speedily I might add) but it was just the loveliest thing! One of my little sisters (I have 3 and a brother, wouldn’t want to forget him) arrived for a little mid week visit which is so unusual but such a treat at the same time. I made us a little basket of treats and we found a spot on the green and sat for a couple of hours munching and catching up before realising how hot and sweaty we were – we were in direct sunlight and it was hot! 

So in true British style we found a shady spot 😂 

The added treat to this afternoon was that my littlest sister of them all turned up too – she had just been at an interview in Winchester for when she goes back to uni and thought she may as well join us 🙌🏻 

Don’t worry though I kept my Jenny Bakes head on and used the opportunity, as hard as it was, I cracked out the scones I made and we tested them, you know just to check what we thought of the recipe, bake and how they tasted with jam and cream! 

I realised we must be from the same family too as we all jammed first and creamed second – what do you guys do, which do you think is the right way? 

Thanks so much for coming girlies can’t wait to see the other sister next week 🙌🏻. 

Now I’ve said it a million times but today was one of those surreal moments, one where you feel you should be at work, getting stressed and being busy but once I got over that it made me realise something more important and that was the whole reason for leaving my job as a teacher, family. Having time for them and with them is just the best thing and I feel so blessed that at this stage in my life I can do that – thank you God. 

Hope you’ve all had a good Tuesday too,

Lots of love

Jenny X


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