Handmade love

Morning, I love Sunday mornings! Cup of tea in hand listening to the church bells for the first service and I know there’s a little bit of time before I head off. 

It’s been a few days since I posted as its been fairly busy, lots of lovely things going on, creative and thought provoking. You may have seen if you follow me on social media that a very good friend of mine has joined with me to launch ‘Home of Chalk’, it’s been a hobby of mine for a while now to up cycle furniture and bring it back to life. Generally finds from the recycling centre… Okay yes the dump or from charity shops – it’s so exciting to see a piece in distress and to vision how it could look and then to actually do it. My friend has this passion to. We were kicked into action by someone we know asking us to do some bits for them. It was very exciting spending the day planning, creating and designing logos and launching social media.  We only use Annie Sloan chalk paint as the quality of it just sings and the colours are just so beautiful.

 Following this we then visited the Handmade Fair at Hampton Court. Something we had booked months and months ago so timing was actually pretty good as Annie Sloan had a specific area so it was great to talk over colours and plans even more. 

I love handmade, I love giving handmade things and love receiving hand made, so good to receive things that someone has taken time to think about and create, especially when it’s quality stuff like this … 

So thoughtful and clever!

The Handmade Fair was lovely although we probably wouldn’t go again, we were hoping for tips and supplies but in actual fact these were not really what the event was, unless you were willing to pay ridiculous amounts for workshops. It felt very commercial and that actually it was overrun by the big names. It did inspire us however to go home and make things and reminded us of lots of projects we’ve started and maybe not finished 😊 but a day out with a free glass of bubbly is never a completely wasted day!  I know not everyone gets handmade and sometimes it can be tainted by the image of handmade meaning a present like that created by Chandler and Monica in that valentines Friends episode where clothes hangers, mixed tapes and sock bunnies all featured. But actually what you can create is so different now and there is so much you can do. Have you ever made something, given handmade gifts or received, what were your thoughts on it?   

 This is something I’ve made before and it feels you with such a sense of satisfaction, it always is nerve-wracking as it feels quite personal but definitely don’t be scared to give it a try. 

Let me know what you get up to.

Lots of love 

Jenny x



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