Bake off πŸ’­

Bake off seems high on everyone’s agenda this series, everyone has an opinion about it and for me this is no different. I feel this has been my favourite series but possibly just down to having more time to prepare for it (as in bake stuff) and reflect on it after. 

Sadly this is not the only reason for it being on everyone’s agenda, after this year it will no longer be as we all know and love it. To start with moving to channel 4 .. Okay that’s not the biggest deal breaker in the world but then Mel and Sue are going, that is starting to be a deal breaker however now, today to top it all off Queen Mary will be no longer part of it either! WHAT! How can this even still be called the bake off? Her appearing on the screen of a Wednesday evening is just so calming and wonderful now it will just be the Paul Hollywood show … One step too far. 😳 

At the end of the day it’s not the end of the world (I need to remind myself) and I’m just going to thoroughly enjoy what’s left of this one. 

As for yesterday’s episode I loved it! Surprise, surprise. πŸ˜‚ Pastry is one of those things that I feel so satisfied after making but I have to admit puff and filo are just ones I’ve never tried, it’s probably the only shop bought things that I feel are potentially the best they are going to be so what’s the point? I even remember watching a tv chef making something and they said exactly the same! 

Now last night when it came to the technical challenge I got very excited and completely craved Bakewell tart. It reminded me of being home when I was younger it was the thing that only my dad and I used to like so occasionally we would buy one (or those little tarts) and gobble it up whenever we liked because it was only us, we didn’t have to share it with anyone else so there was no rush to eat it. I think the reason I loved it so much was that we just didn’t have it much, unlike poor Val and her family – every week! Woah! 

My lovely dad , may help visualise who I shared this treat with!

So now my challenge begins, because it was just us we never home baked one it was always shop bought so in the next week or so when I get a spare moment I am going to attempt to make one, I’ll let you know how it goesπŸ‘πŸ» 

Ps I may need some help eating it my Hubbie doesn’t like Bakewell either … Mmm maybe I am the weird one! 

Hope you enjoyed it, give me a like or comment if you did 😘

Love Jenny x


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