Party time🎈

it all started on Friday, the prep. Busy baking from the moment I woke up as I also had other orders over the weekend. I was so excited about this one, my first children’s birthday party. I’m not going to lie I was soooo nervous – it was like the first day of school, the unknown. 

I had made the aprons earlier in the week, using cupcake material which had been fun, I enjoyed the chance to sew for a purpose, had wanted to sew something for a while just wasn’t sure what.  

 Anyway I’m off topic! Bake to the baking. I had decided to provide four cupcakes per child in a cupcake box and they all got one which were for them to decorate. As the party started I got the children decorating their own chefs hat, they seemed so excited in their aprons and were really keen to get started. It was very odd as these 7 year old girls were so calm and concentrating so much, not what I imagined at a girls party! (But was very appreciative). The calm didn’t last long as I introduced them to piping and got them practicing – buttercream everywhere! Although they certainly enjoyed licking it off their fingers.  Most of them definitely got the hang of it though (with only a little bit of help) and then we were able to use stampers and stencils to cut out and make icing toppers for our cupcakes. 


The party was over in what seemed like minutes and it was so nice to be back working with children in a very simple way. I definitely learnt a lot from this party and would change parts of it to make it run a bit smoother. I was very grateful for the mummy too, she was so brill 😀 and would hope for people like this in the future! 

It was also so lovely to be there for the birthday cake to. I make them but I’m very rarely there for the blowing out of the candles – it was brill and such a pleasure to see her face when it came out and everyone sang- what a privilege. 

 It’s been a busy week but lots of exciting things to come over the next few too! 

Take care and let me know if you are thinking about children’s parties, adult parties or even a girls night in. 

Jenny x 


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