Cosy nights in

I wasn’t planning on blogging this evening but I just can’t help telling you all about what I’m doing. It may not be some peoples ideal evening but oh my goodness there’s just peace and coziness in the air and I love it! 

James, my husband, has a late work evening tonight and so I find myself on my own for the first part of the evening, which is very rare and therefore enjoyable (I wouldn’t be saying the same if it was a regular occurrence)  I’ve had dinner, tidied up and finally sat down after a rather busy day! A delightfully busy day tho – lots and lots of baking! Tomorrow I’m hosting a Macmillan coffee morning which I’m really looking forward to, I’ve never been to or hosted one before due to work so this year I thought, why not! 

Anyway back to my lovely evening. My Ideal Home magazine arrived today (I did think I should cancel it but at only a couple of pounds a month I just can’t bring myself to) and I had totally forgotten about it. I sat down with candles lit and a cup of tea in hand and started reading. I’ve said it so many times before but I really do love Autumn and have started to notice that lots of people do to, yay I’m not alone! 

I opened the magazine, turned the page and it was talking about throws and blankets and how when you love this time of year you embrace getting the throws, cushions and blankets out, light the candles and just enjoy being all nesty and that, for sure is me right now! 

It’s the time of year that I just find it so easy to enjoy everything around me, the colours, the coziness and the dark evenings (sorry but I do love them) I hope you enjoy this time of year too – if not light a candle, get a cup of tea, have a bubble bath, wrap yourself in a throw and put on a knitted cardi then tell me you don’t like it! I just can’t imagine not. 😋 I’m never one of these people that change things in my home every time a new season begins but that’s not to say in not tempted when it gets to this season. Do you change things? What are your favourite Autumnal additions to your home? 

I do hope you are having a lovely evening. Take care and speak to you soon. 

Lots of love 

Jenny X


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