A thankful heart

I’m sat here this evening in front of a crackling fire, the house is chilly and so we have hot chocolate with squirty cream on top. It’s delightful! Today was a busy one, dog sitting a gorgeous puppy and baking lots of cupcakes for a lovely lady for a corporate landlord event in Bournemouth tomorrow and driving there to deliver them. It was lovely to go down there and see her, I used to live in Bournemouth you see so it’s always nice to be there. 



 This leads me nicely into my title. I have been thinking recently how grateful I am for the people around me, everyone is so supportive and encouraging about what I am doing. Whether it be through ordering cupcakes or commenting or sharing my social media posts. The amount of chats I’ve had with people that have talked about my cakes and have just said the nicest things has just filled me with such joy. I’m not there yet but I am definitely getting more confident about what I am doing. 

I knew this was the right thing for me to do and now, a month in I can say with absolute certainty that it was. God has been so good in this new adventure and just hearing what people say and their actions towards me makes me see it quite clearly. I am in actual fact quite overwhelmed with how lovely people are and so this post isn’t long but is a thank you.😚 

I don’t want to write this post without a mention to my wonderful husband. He had the faith too that this was right for us and to see the impact this has had on him just makes it all 100% worth it. He is so wonderful, if a little optimistic but the encouragement I get from him everyday just makes me even more determined to make it all work, even if he does believe he’ll be able to be my paid delivery driver and accountant soon lol!  

 Thank you everyone, I really do appreciate you all and hope it continues because it really is just amazing! 

Also you may have seen from my social media that I have just purchased the most amazing bunting! I told the person who makes it that I wanted it if possible to look rustic but to match my logo in anyway it could … I think you’ll agree she managed to do it all, font, colour, rusticicity (yep thats a word) im so happy with it and cannot wait to have my first stall set up.  

 If anyone of you need bunting or other homemade things like aprons, coasters, cushions etc you should definitely get in touch with @LynetteHomeMade on social media – she is something else I am very thankful for this week 😀

Lots of love from me, 

Jenny x


One thought on “A thankful heart

  1. Hi Jen, Love reading your posts and knowing how happy you are with your new venture. It really is refreshing to read positive, gentle words on FB. You are an inspiration in so many ways. Sandra xx

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