Exciting and busy times

I am loving this life! It’s so amazing to be doing something I love and to feel so supported by everyone around me! The middle of last week I had one of those crisis of confidence moments, ‘I can’t do this, I’m not good enough, it’s all bigger than me’ but then I got a message from someone I hadn’t spoken to for a while it made me realise what I had achieved and accomplished when I was teaching and the pressure I had felt then. I am not scared of work and I realised that things aren’t going to be easy all the time and that’s a good thing (obviously it’s a lot easier but not necessarily better)! 

Well on Sunday, at the end of the busy week and the beginning of an even busier one I got to have a little stall at the local fun run. It was so exciting to be able to put ideas together of how to display my cupcakes and to have an opportunity to get my name out there. I did mini cupcakes which I gave out as free tasters in a few flavours and it was so exhilarating when people tried a taster then came back to buy a box of cupcakes, “because they were just too delicious to only have that little one!” It was such a great event, with an amazing bunch of people organising it – genuinely such lovely people, passionate about their event, it was an honour to be there and see the families enjoying the day. 

By doing this it made me very excited of what’s to come, I really hope to be at some Christmas markets and am currently researching where would be good – let me know if you know of anywhere 😘 

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend and enjoy this week.

Take care 

Jenny x


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