Learning new skills

I have been thinking a lot this week about what I would write in my next blog, the others have come quite easily.  I am sat at my computer looking out the window knowing I want to write one as it has been a week and I apparently love writing stuff, who knew! And I had no intention of it being about Autumn but I just want to start by telling you about my view: There is this one tree that is in the process of turning the most beautiful of reds and then another smaller tree that is going orange but the edges of the leaves are a burnt orangey red – I can’t stop just staring…it is just so beautiful.  I have found lately that I must waste so much time in Autumn, stopping, breathing in the freshness of the cool air that has that hint of peoples fires being lit for the first time (we’ve certainly had ours on) and just taking in the beauty all around me.

Anyway this post is going to be all about new skills – is there anything better than feeling the accomplishment of doing or learning something new and then succeeding in it? I’ve been scared to try certain things in baking but actually the rush of trying them and then it turning out alright gives me such a rush.  The first of these things was fondant figures.  Okay I am not claiming that they are my strength or even that I was 100% happy with it.. I wasn’t, but I did one, it didn’t just look like a blob in a kayak it actually looked like a person and to top that off the customer who had asked for one seemed really happy.  Especially that I had tried to make it resemble her son with the hair and the green eyes.  It was such a good feeling to know that something I had told her that I hadn’t done before had turned out that way.  This is something I am definitely going to keep practicing and hopefully will get to do more of!

Now the second new skill isn’t really a new skill but it is one I have come to realise I want to learn all about, photography! 

Looking at things and thinking how I could capture it, how I could focus it in a certain way that shows off the subject in all its glory.  This became evident at the weekend when my husband and I had decided that for our date ‘day’ we would go somewhere new, be together and fill  our lungs with fresh air and our mouths with hot chocolate.  We went to the most beautiful place, Bushy Park which is really close to Hampton Court Palace – it is just such a lovely place that we’d never been to and whats more it didn’t cost anything to park or visit – that never happens! It was a chilly morning which made it perfect to be wrapped up in a scarf and as we were crunching through the leaves we noticed that there are deer just roaming.  They are such magnificent creatures (specially the boy ones with their majestic antlers) I know I’m gushing about the place but whenever James sees deer he gets so excited, I’m not sure why but it is so lovely and quite catching.

Sorry back to the skill, well I was busy taking photos of our walk and the deer and I was just so energised about getting the perfect shot, even to the point that I walked round the back of some of the deer because I didn’t want any cars / houses in the background – this I have to say did worry James a little but all in the cost of a perfect photo and if I’m totally honest with you (this will be a shock to some of you) James was taking photos too and I wanted mine to better than his, oh no i haven’t shown my competitive side for a while! Sadly we hadn’t brought our proper camera with us, so these were just on my iphone but still it became so much fun and I think James was just pleased that I wasn’t focussed on taking photos of him or trying to get him involved in selfie taking!  If anyone knows anything about photography or has any tips then do leave a comment as I would love to learn more.

Now the last skill again is to do with baking – something that lots of people say to me is they’d love to bake but just don’t have the time.  I do get it life is busy and when I was working full time I would try and make time for it but I would generally stick to things fairly basic or things I knew I could do quickly.  Now it has become so exciting, trying new things and attempting to not get too scared by them.  Preparing for cakes and then completing them has become truly thrilling.  Pinterest has definitely become my best friend, seeing things on it and then having a go at completing them.  Being able to ice a large cake with confidence and then make little bits and pieces to go on it – I’m getting better and I am learning to become more patient too.  I know for some people baking in their free time is not something that appeals but if you are someone that doesn’t have time for it do try and make time, maybe don’t watch that programme one evening in the week and see if you get the same satisfaction I’m talking about. Go on give it a go – I’m happy to give you a recipe to get you started 👍🏻

This was an evening whim, it doesn’t actually take that much time, I promise! 

Take care, learn a new skill – it’s lots of fun

Love Jenny x



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