A new read 

Are you that person that sticks with the same genre or author when reading? I know I am – I do enjoy them but they become quite predictable and don’t really challenge your imagination. They are what I call ‘easy reads’ and when I was always busy and would only read in the holidays that was fine. 

A friend recently invited me to a book club and I’m quite excited to go, meeting new people and getting to find new authors and genres that I might actually enjoy! 

The first on the list is this by M.L Stedman ‘The Light Between Oceans’ I’m maybe half way through and enjoyed settling down into it last night with a cup of tea and a blanket! It’s definitely starting to be one of those books I don’t want to put down because in my mind I’m predicting and want to find out if I’m right or not – there are a few bits that seem to make it a lot longer of a read than it needs to be and starts to go into the back story of a character that’s not that relevant for a few pages and I find myself just wanting to skip these bits and get back into the meat of the story but maybe that’s just me, I’m sure there is a purpose for these parts just haven’t discovered it yet! 

The reason it was on the list was, as I’m sure you know, it’s coming out as a film – I watched the trailer this morning too and it does look good I’m rather looking forward to it! 

Have you read this? What were your thoughts?

Or what are you reading at the mo? Would love to set up a list of books to read!  

I obviously haven’t finished yet so I’m going to refrain from giving it a rating. 

Def worth a read though, it’s different to what I would normally stick to with a few twists and you get quite drawn into the characters! 

Take care 

Jenny x


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