Any better feeling than…

Ah how has it been a couple of weeks since I last wrote a blog? It’s been so busy and I have to say I’ve kind of missed that time of sitting, reflecting and writing. 

It’s got so so chilly and I’ve brought out the big guns a woolly hat with a Pom Pom and the lovely long scarves it’s amazing I love it! Oh and how can I forgot NEW SLIPPERS! The idea of opening the curtains this morning to this view of frost and sunlight hitting the crunchy autumn leaves – look! Just look!

So I could update you on lots today so much has been happening but I’m going to simply tell you about the feeling that the title describes. 

I came home late on Thursday after selling cupcakes at a local event and just sat for a moment thinking about how it had gone and updating my hubby! I was buzzing but it wasn’t the sales I was buzzing about, it was the feeling I had got from people! Doing what I am doing has made me realise how beautiful people are. That feeling I have left you guessing about is blessed and overwhelmed. 

Some cakes from the event on Thursday
These were my bonfire night cupcakes with toasted marshamallows – 😋

Words can do so much to a person and I promise you they have done so much to me. Comments about everything and anything that no one needs to say but yet they have and it has just made me feel like I’m flying high. So those people this is a thank you to you 😘😘😘

I’m so excited for the future of Jenny Bakes and hope you will come along on the journey with me. 

Lots of love and hope you are enjoying getting wrapped up as much as I am! 

Jenny X


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