Happiness is homemade 

Hey, how are you? How’s your week been? 

This little sign has been in my kitchen for quite a while now and it was today as I was making a cuppa as I always do that I just stopped and stared at it. 

Do you know what, it made me think how true this can be. 

I get to do what I love, I make stuff from nothing and then I get to give these things to others – and their faces show it makes them happy 😌 best feeling ever! (This isn’t to say I get extremely nervous before hand but it’s worth it) 

Now I get to do cakes all the time now but I love doing other crafty stuff and always find new things to try. There are definitely people who inspire me and who I just think are amazing at homemade stuff and it makes me keen to give it a go – if I could I would always buy homemade!

One of these people is my best friend who has created a small business called ‘Lynette Homemade’ over the years she has sewn bits and pieces for herself but now she is making them available to others to buy (awesome for us)! She has a beautiful website and is on social media and she’s the one that made my amazing bunting. I had told her I wanted it to match my logo colours and feel a bit rustic and then she created it and just made it look how I imagined – I love it! 

I want everything about me and my business to look homemade, it’s me! I’m not a big corporate business and I don’t want to be. I’m me, I’m happy and I don’t want to be anything that I’m not. 

That’s not all today I received this beautiful make up bag – I’m ridiculously excited: 1. Because it’s been homemade 2. It’s 2 colours I love 3. No one else has this, it’s not mass produced, it’s personal to me and someone has used a skill they have to create it from nothing! Honestly, what could be better than receiving this to try out. Plus I don’t have a travel make up bag … Winner 🙌🏻 

Im going to use it for a little while as this is the first one that’s been made and I’ll update you soon on how much you could buy a similar one for and where to get it from but meanwhile check out her website or etsy shop and start thinking what colours you’d have! http://lynettehomemade.co.uk 

Let me know what you get! 

Lots of love 

Jenny x 


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