It’s the little things …

I love love love this Very advert, it gives me those lovely goose pimply feelings every time I watch it. Giving really does make you feel like this especially around the Christmas period. 

Now I have a confession, I really am pretty British! I don’t talk about my feelings freely and easily and I definitely don’t talk about money but I have just had this sort of feeling today that I need to share a few things with you guys. Things I’ve learnt (or am trying to learn) and things that we have been really blessed by. 

Now to start with shopping, I used to rush around on a weekend trying to grab food for the week but not doing a very good job and spending lots of money on it. Now I have cut our food bill in pretty much half, we still eat well and enjoy the food we eat but we are spending HALF – how is that even possible? 

Then take extras, those times you want to go out for dinner or coffee – we used to do it so much and it was kind of embarrassing how much money we were wasting but now with a few changes we don’t even miss it, we don’t feel like we need it and we certainly aren’t spending even half as much as we were – it actually feels so good but how has it been so easy and so possible? 

To some of you this may sound a strange thing to say but I really have that feeling that God is totally leading the way in this whole new journey. He is the reason that things have gone well and are still going well. I feel so blessed to be on this journey and have God to thank for it all. None of it belongs to me it’s all his and for him. I wanted to share this with you because it’s such an overwhelming feeling having less but at the same time it’s more. 

November has been the first month that has been quite tough – cars going wrong, extra bills and new decisions to make that all cost money, I started to think I might need to find some work just to make sure we weren’t screwed but as soon as I have had that thought God has put something in place that means I absolutely don’t have to. It’s like being tested to see if I believe he can do it and then he does and I’m just so overwhelmed and in awe that God is just able to do more than is imaginable. 

I hope you don’t mind that I’ve shared this today I just couldn’t avoid it and felt like I needed to just share how amazing God has been to me and us and that I hope and pray for you guys too. 

Lots of love 

Jenny X


One thought on “It’s the little things …

  1. This is lovely, Jenny. I agree from personal (past) experience that stopping, waiting on Him, in peace, working with Him, brings wonderfully practical, creative, solutions whether in menu planning, clothing needs, or the outwardly bigger items. Thank you for this timely reminder and encouragement. Btw, your blog design is very attractive!

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