It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄

Happpy Tuesday all! 

When I was a child I was that annoying one that loved Christmas a little bit too much, Christmas morning would come and I’d be up at 5am sharp! Waking everyone else up and begging to go downstairs to see if Father Christmas had come. Things haven’t changed all that much I still love Christmas (probably a little bit too much) but now it’s all in the build up. 

For years I’ve managed to convince everyone around me and myself that Christmas shouldn’t start till mid December, no decorations would go up, no Christmas cards written or anything. I don’t know whether it is because I was a teacher and would wish to keep the children as calm and focused as possible until as late as possible but this year I’m not in school – this year I get to drive James crazy with talk of Christmas and what’s better is that this year we get to host Christmas so I’ve got even more Christmas stuff to prep for woohooo! 

Don’t get me wrong I can’t quite face putting decorations up in November or anything like that but my Pinterest board certainly looks exciting! 

One thing that’s really helping the excitement this year is that I’m involved in two of the local Christmas markets, Hartley Wintney on 1st Dec and Hook Christmas Cracker on 3rd – I’ve been preparing ideas for a couple of weeks now, sorting props, planning what to make and now today it’s been getting really exciting! Any of you planning to visit either of these? 

I made a little trip to a dangerous place, IKEA and found some bits and bobs that will help present my cupcakes – this cute ‘prop’ is supposed to be a greenhouse but I couldn’t help thinking it would work for displaying cakes. 

I then couldn’t resist this cute bunting by #lynettehandmade which has mini triangles with reindeers and Christmassy things – it fits perfectly round the greenhouse I love it! Just waiting to add the fairy lights now – what could be better! 

You can also see a cute little Christmas tree in this picture from #Tesco – fairy lights and decorations already added so I haven’t officially but a tree up in November – I can’t wait for this to be on my table at the stalls. 

Then there is this scrapbook I’ve been working on … 

I wanted to show ideas of some of the cakes I’ve done recently, I’m excited to use this hamper as a prop and was very excited to buy some craft bits like these little pegs and twine from #HobbyCraft I also added other pictures into a cute scrapbook for people to hopefully have a little flick through during the evenings at the markets. 

Then finally to these cute Kilner jars again from #IKEA I can’t wait to fill them with delicious treats these are going to be my brownie mixes which are perfect for a gift, maybe teachers presents, for a friend who likes to bake or as little extras for stocking fillers! 

Well I best be leaving this post now to go and crack on with some more prep, fondant decorations to make, jars to fill and signs to write – let me know how your Christmas prep goes. I’ll let you know how the markets go or hopefully see you there! 

Take care 

Jenny x 


2 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄

  1. How lovely! I’m also getting very excited about the prospect of Christmas. Like you guys, we are also ‘hosting’ this year, so I have been trying to plan meals for a while, focussing perhaps too much on the desserts! Still more to do, but elements are in my head (and written in an obligatory list!). Your props look amazing, sound investments, although your cakes sell themselves! The photos on the hamper are a great idea and will give future customers something extra to consider and drool over. I wish you every success at the Christmas markets. I wish we could get up there to see you, but we will be in Scotland for a friends wedding that weekend. Keep squirrelling away! Looking forward to seeing when your decorations do go up! Lots of love. xxx


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