My top 10 joys at Christmas time πŸŽ„

So it doesn’t take much to realise how much I love this time of year, it’s definitely not a secret that I love the build up more than anything else and so I thought why not note down my top 10 things about this time of year – I wonder whether you guys love similar things to me. Here goes … 

10. The weather 

Ever changing and unpredictable I do love the weather (most of the time) needing to wrap up warm to go for a winter walk is just delightful. Then there’s the wishful thinking of snow – what a dream that would be! Does anyone else check the weather forecast more than at any other time of year? 

9. Anticipation 

That feeling you get after opening the first door on the advent calendar as to what joys December will bring. Then there’s the anticipation after choosing everyone’s gifts and not wanting to wait to give them to the people you’ve chosen them for. 

8. Festive food (and drinks) 

Is there anything better than being allowed to enjoy some festive drinks and nibbles leading up to Christmas. Sitting down on an evening and enjoying a baileys to drink and a homemade mince pie or maybe a glass of hot mulled wine πŸ˜‹ anything associated with Christmas is always so naughty but oh so good! I have to admit this to you, ages ago I brought some special Christmas biscuits and put them away, sadly not hidden though and so yes the box of biscuits came out 😳 and yes the box is no longer … whoops! 

7. Christmas films 

It’s now getting harder to decide if this is in order of preference or not but yes these are so good! We started them off this year with Polar Express whilst putting our decorations up, we’ve seen it so much that now it’s more about hearing it than needing to particularly watch it. Films we’ve enjoyed so far are…

The Holiday, Elf, Polar Express, Miracle on 34th Street and Arthur then there are those other pretty aweful ones that I don’t even know the name of that are just on tele but I can’t help but watch them! What are some of your favs? Writing them down makes me realise this is actually quite a lot in a short space of time! 

6. Christmas outings 

We haven’t yet done any yet this year but I’m so excited to enjoy a festive day out – we are going to quite simply go to Winchester market this year I was so tempted to go to Kew Gardens as I’ve seen so many lovely photos from others going and it just looks so amazing but time is running away with us and so we are going to go with something we know that is simple but still lovely! There’s also the lovely shopping days I particularly enjoyed one this year with my sisters – it’s so nice to have a non stressful shopping day that just turns out to be a lot of fun, it stops it feeling so frantic and busy!

5 & 4. These are combined because it’s all about the presents! Wrapping and giving 🎁

I love love love picking out wrapping paper and I have never done it as early as this year but sitting down and wrapping presents brings me such joy, doing the ribbon, writing the gift tag and making it look all pretty! 

These are what mine look like so far! 😍

But then there’s the giving need I say anything about this other than it just is the best and most nerve wracking feeling that you can have, hoping you’ve chosen well! 

3. Christmas dinner with all the trimmings 

I cannot wait to cook Christmas dinner this year, it is one of those daunting things that you want to do justice (just like my mum and mother-in-law have done so without fault for so many years)  but I’m so happy I get to try! Now this may be a little controversial but the turkey part of dinner is not my favourite part at all I would happily have a Christmas dinner made up of all the trimmings – delicious! But there’s something even better about Christmas dinner and that is sitting round the table altogether and enjoying some amazing time together with all the family! 

2. This leads me onto the next one in the list – being with family and friends

This is actually my top one on the list but it linked too well! I think that the whole build up of Christmas is all about this, everyone just makes time for eachother more and everyone is in the celebratory mood more – games get played (Articulate being at the top of my list)! Drinks get drunk and everyone just being together just gives it even more of that special feeling – who do you spend Christmas with? 

1. Decorating the house 

Now I am starting with FAIRY LIGHTS! πŸ’‘These make everything better and whenever they are up they make me wonder why we can’t have fairy lights up all year round – alongside candles they just are so pretty and twinkly and make the whole room and house feel so cosy! I’m just going to post some pics of my decorations here as I don’t feel I need to say much more as to why I love decs πŸ˜„ 

Now this will probably be the last post before Christmas so I want to wish you all a very happy and safe one. Enjoy times with loved ones and don’t let yourself get stressed by the little things.
Lots of love.

Take care and see you in the New Year xx



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