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Home sweet home and the countryside! 

Do you ever have those weekends when you just want to get out and do something  well this was one of those, the weather forecast said … rubbish weather (well not in those words but you get the gist).

That was not going to deter us. I had a few deliveries in the morning and then we decided to pack up a thermos and off we went to the New Forest 🌳

We were starving when we got there so decided to stop in Lyndhurst which is such a cute little place – trying to stick with the healthy food I just went for a simple scrambled egg 🍳 on toast and it was yummy. Lyndhurst has such cute little places and I was very distracted by this place – fortunately it was all rather expensive and seen as I love doing up my own furniture I didn’t buy anything just got ideas! 

We walked a little out of town and then we felt like we were fully in the New Forest, the air is just so fresh and it really felt like we were breathing in new air! We walked for a while and didn’t really have a plan but it was lovely and it’s always nice to be around animals freely roaming – have to say walking next to a bunch of cows and their male counterpart made me walk slightly quicker but it’s so freeing! Here are a few snaps of where we were but I kind of didn’t really think about taking photos as we were just walking and talking and it was lovely! I also couldn’t resist this horsey video – it was really quite cute I just wanted to go and scratch his belly like it was a dog!

Another good thing it didn’t actually rain ☔️!

Then there’s getting home! January is always that time when you take a fresh look at things and I love our house but there’s parts of it that I just wanted to give a freshen up and make it even cosier than it already is. We were so blessed to get some vouchers and money over Christmas and so we decided to buy some lovely things for our home – here’s a few little pics of what I got and what I’ve done with them 😊

Hope you guys are all having the loveliest January and starting the New Year with new rigour and enthusiasm.

Take care

Jenny x


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