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Village life 

I love the Hampshire village we live in – I saw something recently and it prompted me to properly embrace where we live. It is a village and I’ve always loved the thought of being able to shop local and support businesses in the village however it has not always been that practical. Working full time just meant I didn’t want to spend my whole day off going around different places to do our food shop however now it’s something I love doing and am happy to spend time doing it.

I’ve not really started until now but is there anything more lovely than waking up on a bright morning, grabbing my basket and walking onto the high street butchers to collect my fresh eggs! 

I never quite realised either how different it is getting eggs fresh like this, even cracking them is better and the colour of the yolk is just wow! You barely have to tap them and the egg cascades out into the bowl ready to make the cake just the best it can be!

I feel like this year more than others there is so much talk around cutting out sugar, eating healthy, fitness, mental health and changing lifestyles for the better.

It is all so important but I do feel as though being happy (genuinely happy, not just saying it – there is a difference) and enjoying your life should be at the top of the list, I am attempting to lose weight and, I say this very proudly, I’m doing well but that doesn’t stop me still doing things I love and that make me happy. There are things you can change easily and there are things that are harder but I know for myself that completely cutting out sugar would just not work for me at the moment but gradually I am changing our eating habits and it’s working well so far! For me the diet and fitness is what I’m working on – I’m taking more time to think about what’s going in my body but it doesn’t define me – what do you do to invest in yourself i’d love to know.

Anyway back to village life – there are some beautiful places in and around our village, I feel so blessed to be here.

I was inspired today, it being brighter and wanting the smells in the house, to make a nice, fresh Lemon 🍋 curd sponge cake – I used my basic Victoria Sponge recipe and added the zest of a lemon and its juice and then for the middle slathered it in buttercream and lemon curd. 

Does adding lemons to anything just fill you with joy and a Spring like feeling?

Well here is how it turned out … 
Hope you’ve had a really great week and you are taking time out for yourself, no matter how busy you are!

Take care

Lots of love

Jenny x


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