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January 🌈

So we are getting close to the end of January, the hardest and longest month of the year. How’s it been for you? 

I’ve enjoyed this January, I’ve spent time freshening up the house – making it even more homey than before and yellow is seeming to feature rather a lot … maybe I’m wishing time away and hoping it will be Spring and warm up a little (it’s been rather a chilly month). It’s also been a month of healthier lifestyles, spending more time with friends and family and reflecting always becomes a feature of January for me! 

One thing that my ears keep getting drawn to is articles and posts about an ‘Instagram life’ I really love taking nice photos, positioning things to look as nice as possible and editing around with filters and things – however when I see other people’s posts like this it inspires me and I just thoroughly enjoy flicking through ideas πŸ’‘ and loveliness. I have never particularly thought that this must mean other people’s lives are perfect but more that they must enjoy showing the positives of their lives rather than posting negative stuff.  Social media continues to be amazing for me and I’m always finding new ways to utilise it. 

I wish however that there was a way of encouraging others to see the ‘Instagram world’ in this way too and to not be completely overcome with jealousy or opinions of people’s lives that aren’t actually true but have been highly filtered or optimised. I guess it’s like models in magazines – it can be such a huge influence in the world and I hope that I can play a part that encourages and inspires rather than instills negativity. 

My favourite things about this month have to be some of the new things I’ve tried – my cupcake bouquet, some new flavour cupcakes (banoffee, apple crumble and cookie dough), my two-tone cupcakes and then there’s some more to come over the next week. Be sure to visit my Facebook page, jennybakes.9 or twitter and Instagram @jennybakes1 to keep an eye out for new things.

Let me know how your January’s have been I’d love to know what your favourite things have been about this month. 

Take care 

Jenny x


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