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Who am I? 

I should have realised this a long time ago but I love food! Now for obvious reasons I knew I loved baking but food and cooking and recipe finding I’ve realised is just so exciting – I think we can all fall down the trap of falling out of love with food or having an emotional reaction to it but I have become so inspired by what I see around me, it helps that I’ve been going to some lovely places lately! 

For example, walking into Newlyns farm shop in Hook this weekend. This is the entrance! I couldn’t help wander round and just want to pick up lovely, yummy looking fresh, homemade food.

The smells alone are just incredible – I never really knew you could smell fresh produce but you really can, I certainly don’t get that smell walking into Tesco that’s for sure! 

Well I’ve been following the principles of slimming world for January (cannot believe we are almost into month two of 2017) and its fine, I’m loosing weight but it’s not hugely inspiring, it’s very … not sure what the word is… very ‘high street’ I guess. I don’t want to buy into it because I think it’s just become very much about the commercialness of it (I may have just made up another word – sorry James) I want fresh, good food that is exciting to cook and exciting to eat. I want it to be healthy and nutritious and I want to feed others with it. Therefore I’m going to start going my own sort of way. 

The Sugar Free Farm has also been inspiring me, I believe it’s on again tonight, yes!! Now I don’t buy into doing things drastically but I do believe in changing for the better – I’ve even been trying lots of new herbal teas, Pukka do some really amazing ones, especially the night time blend and vanilla chai one – so again like the title says who am I? I’m going to try changing my lifestyle, for good, not just for weight loss, embracing healthy foods not reaching for snacks that just add to the weight but snacks that are enjoyable because they are good for you. 

I popped into Waterstones earlier today too, don’t you just love sitting in a bookshop and watching the world go by and I spotted these books by Deliciously Ella. Now I think James would kill me if I decided to go vegetarian or vegan, come to think of it I might actually not enjoy that very much either 😂 but I flicked through a few pages and got really excited by some of the recipes, the pictures and the ideas. So I’m going to give some a go – I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Now I am quite easily led by pretty things but you know living a healthier, happier lifestyle does that really sound like a bad road to be led down? And also just to add whoever looked at a plate of golden brown foods and thought “ooh that looks so tasty” but a plate of colour and flavour sounds very good to me!  

Now I hope you’ve all had an amazing January and are looking forward to what February brings – what new things have you been trying? Leave a comment to let me know – take care and I’ll speak to you soon.

Thanks for reading 

Jenny x 


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