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Do you need a hobby?

I was asked at the weekend a question that I hadn’t really thought about, this question was – now that you bake as a job do you actually have any hobbies? It was a question that made me think and I realised I actually do but it’s probably not what you would call a convential hobby. 

I do bits and bobs that I love, like sewing and crafty stuff but my real passion is my home! You could call me obsessed but I absolutely love home stuff – whether it be reading through ideal home magazines , going to homey shops or using Pinterest to hunt for ideas I just can’t get enough. 

Just a few of my glorious collection!

My favourite thing to do in our home is to find ways of bringing things back to life and to utilise these pieces in new ways. I thought I’d share some of the pieces we have with you – I’m proud of our home, we may not own it but we have still made it ours through furnishing it in our own style (I say ours but I’m not sure James could really care less about pastel coloured dining chairs but hey what’s mine is his and his is mine so I will continue to say ours and us)! 

Starting off in the living room then – (this is going to end up as quite a little house tour 😊) both of these pieces we got probably around 3 years ago – on their last legs, the TV unit from one of the recycling centres better known as the dump and the coffee table from St Michaels Hospice they were each £5 (I know a bit too much to spend on furniture) the coffee table has changed probably once a year in terms of its colour but for now it’s this lovely blue on top, it’s Annie Sloan chalk paint which I love! It goes on everything 👌🏻 

Then there’s the dining room, this is probably my favourite piece of furniture in our house – I love it so much! 

Our dining table that wasn’t officially for sale but we managed to negotiate with Redfields garden centre (quite easily to be fair) and ended up with this which was one of their display tables – it was exactly what we were looking for and they gave us such a good price! Winner! We didn’t have chairs for it but gradually we have built up the collection – these are all chairs that we’ve either found at the dump (sorry recycling centre) or again St Michaels Hospice and have generally cost us about £10 for each pair we have found – they started off all white but in January I fancied a bit of colour aside from grey and so have painted them different pastel colours from Annie Sloans range. I still have one chair to find as you can see in this picture there is a sad ikea chair that’s a bit out of place! We also have a little bench that we pull out for when we have more than 6 people over – we are both from big families so that does happen quite often! Here are some other pieces in our dining room that I love too. 

This picture has reminded me I really need to sort out our books!

And now for upstairs … in the bedroom, I had been looking for step ladders for years, rustic ones and wanted them to hang scarves or something off and then my dad announced he’s had some in the garage that are fine as long as not used for an actual ladder (the steps could probably snap at any time) but for what I wanted to do they were perfect – they double up as a bed side table to which is just ideal. We also have these gorgeous suitcases and trunk which are perfect for storing throws, blankets and spare bedding too. I especially like the trunk at the bottom of this stack which we discovered for only a couple of pounds – needed cleaning up a bit but is perfect.

Then we’ve got this little unit which started its new life with us as a bedside table but actually is quite wide and we don’t have a lot of space so it has now, thanks to a friends idea, has become a bathroom storage unit 🙌🏻 I had wanted to brighten up the bathroom anyway so changing this from dark wood to white to yellow over the years has just been ideal for this space! 

So that’s about it for now, we obviously have other bits and pieces in our house but these are the things that have made this a hobby – I will add nothing really stays the same for too long but for now I’m loving all these pieces and hope you do to. I think that’s what happens when you love moving and setting up home things change – it’s definitely much easier than actually moving! Let me know what you think of what I’ve shared and if you have any charming pieces in your homes I’d love to see! 

Take care 

Jenny x 


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