The day of love ❤️

I feel as though today can bring up a lot of emotion in people. A feeling that people need to spend money on a day that has become a money spinner, dinner dates that cost the earth and presents that are not needed. However, I do love this day too – a day that makes people actually share how they feel and share love whether that be to your other half or to a sibling or friend. A day filled with beautiful flowers, pinks, reds and hearts what’s not to like? 💕

I’ve been challenged recently and think it’s a lesson in life that can we can all learn from and it’s this quote. “Let all that you do be done in love.” It’s so easy to get caught up in life and miss what others are saying or showing around you. We are often so quick to act that we forget why we are making that choice. What if we took a breath and attempted to show love to the people around us through everything we do, not just today. 

So I was planning on this blog being a vey gushy one about how much I love my husband and how my life is complete with him in it but then I thought that doesn’t really help anyone – he knows and that’s what counts. Instead I just want to talk about people, you guys reading this in particular! How much I appreciate you all and the support, the kindness and the generosity you all show on a daily basis. You inspire me to think of new things I can try and just knowing you are reading posts and social media and sharing my business with people you know. It’s making my days filled with excitement and I love it! 

I’m always someone that has an end vision and wants to be there yesterday but I’m learning to love the journey and that’s because of you guys. I get excited to think who might be looking at my pictures or reading my blog and it spurs me on to think of new content and new opportunities that I can try out. I get such a thrill whenever someone likes or comments on a post so thank you. 

I am looking forward to the future and really hope that you guys are excited to come on the journey with me. 

I hope you enjoy your day today and whatever that brings.

Take care 

Jenny x


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