My favourite places 

Hey everyone, yes it’s Wednesday not Tuesday (my normal day to post), but I’ve been having so much fun with some of my favourite people in my favourite places so I thought I’d wait till those days had ended and I could share it all in one go!

This week it has been half term for Hampshire which means, hurrah I get a week with my favourite person in the world being at home with me! 

It had already started as a lovely week but then Tuesday was an especially exciting day, my sister was moving into a new flat in Winchester. Because I love Winchester so much we decided to make a day of it and go down memory lane and enjoy some of the loveliest places for eating, drinking and browsing. We then went over and helped them move in – such a lovely, lovely flat! So excited for them.

The first place we went was ForteKitchen it’s such a cool, rustic / vintage sort of place and I love it – from the decor to the lights and the yummy yummy food! 

Then we wondered a bit and I took James too a few places that are just so beautiful and then we thought it was about time for tea and cake (I love that I say we when in actual fact it was me)! We went to a place I hadn’t been in a couple of years – Corner House and thoroughly enjoyed going again, there’s always so much to look at in there and their selection of cakes are just too good not to try – we shared a lemon one and oh my I want the recipe yum yum! 

We then burnt off our food babies by helping my sister move and got excited with her about making the first cup of tea and choosing where to put the sofa etc … may have made me want to move a little (I don’t because I love our house but I do love to move) am I weird? 

Half way there anyway we decided to end our day by going to Bournemouth, both our families are in Bournemouth so we went to stay with my in-laws and it was lovely, chilled and a good chance to chat (I am quiet sometimes – honest)! 

​​​​Now any trip back to Bournemouth cannot be done without visiting our favourite place, Hengistbury Head – as you will see from the short video it was rather … breezy but we had a nice stroll and ended with a much needed hot chocolate – 

it has been such a lovely few days but now time to go home, get the fire going (I’m freezing) and plan my next couple of days of baking. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of my favourite places, would love to know if you’ve been to these places or what your favs our. 
Take care 
Jenny x 


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