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Good morning Spring đŸŒˇ

Does anyone else open the curtains in the morning, see blue sky and just smile. 

I didn’t quite realise what a difference the sun makes to my mood! Does it you? 

It also begins to feel like the day is longer and that can only be a good thing – I definitely feel as though we get up to more in the Spring / Summer too, it’s awesome. 

I’m also not overly sure why but baking cupcakes at this time of year also excites me – Pinterest has been used a lot recently to collect ideas for Spring, Mothers Day and Easter cupcakes I can’t wait to get started on them. 

What sort of cakes would you like to see at this time of year? Let me know flavours  that you enjoy and you never know they might get onto my list to do! 

Hope you enjoy the first signs of Spring, lots of love 

Jenny x 

Just leaving you with a few piccys of some cupcakes I’ve done in the past at this time of year 👍🏻


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