“We love you Mothers everywhere”

“She kisses my boo-boos, she braids my hair. My mother is beyond compare. We love you mothers everywhere.” I love this quote from none other than Agnes the littlest of the girls in Despicable Me. It describes so simply how awesome mum’s are. 


Mothers Day is fast approaching and I thought I would take this time today just to lift up Mum’s, in particular my own mum! A woman that is intelligent, beautiful, funny and has so much time and love for everyone. I have spoken about her before and how she inspires me but couldn’t resist devoting a post to her. 

I was so blessed growing up as I had an amazing and big family (still do) but at the forefront of that was mum. She stopped working to raise us and it’s made me see what a valuable job it is. The memories we all have of growing up are of a mum who was always calm, who never raised her voice, (but my goodness she had the disappointed chat perfectly formed) and who gave us exciting days out and experiences that I still remember to this day. I would like to add here that those experiences didn’t involve a lot of money, going abroad or visiting theme parks but it involved us being a family and creating our own fun. Yes there were obviously days that we would just be in the house and we wouldn’t be doing much but I was lucky enough to have a lot of siblings so days of monopoly tournaments, water fights in the garden, water slide obstacle courses and ‘Snail race’ around the house (my brother was very inventive with games) were also memories I have that were all enabled by this amazing woman, nothing was ever a problem (much to dad’s dismay when his grass was ruined every summer 😋)

This upbringing has created in me a vision for what my family will become and a hope and dream that I will create  memories as valuable as these. 

I don’t see my family nearly as much as I would like to but I know that whenever we are together we just create more memories as valuable as these. 

This was taken a good 6 years ago but just sums us up 😊

So thank you mum and Happy Mothers Day x 

I would just like to add that obviously my dad played a huge part in all of this too but Fathers Days in June right 😉😂😘

Jenny x 


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