Make a change 

I am not in anyway suggesting everyone needs to make a dramatic, unnecessary change but I wanted to just talk about my experience. I was teaching for 7 years in a school that actually I loved, there was something about the community of the school that made it a very special place to be. I was under the most amazing leadership, the ethos was amazing, the passion for the children and their wellbeing and the wealth of experience in that place was just incredible. I learnt soooo much! 

Now I cannot say I loved every minute of working there it had it’s highs and it lows  and it was hard work however I will always say what an incredible place it was.

Since leaving in July 2016 (the hardest decision to make) I have learnt so much, more than I ever thought possible. It has been the most amazing year for clearing my head and seeing the bigger picture – you kind of get sucked into a bubble and it’s hard to think, feel or see anything outside of that. It’s even made it clear who I am and has taught James and I a lot about where we want to be, who we are together and what we want for a future, taking a step back has just made it possible to dream. We can see what is important to us about life, the people we spend it with and where we want to be. 

At the time of leaving I never imagined wanting to go back to teaching (certainly not quickly) but on visiting a few schools I’m finding my passion returning, I have had time to know who I would be as a teacher again and what my priorities would be there. 

I was scared to make a change, I thought it was something that just wasn’t possible but on doing so it has been the break and headspace we both needed to help make our lives better and to see a clearer picture of what we want to become together. 

My husband is everything to me and I thank God for him everyday because without him not only would my life feel incomplete but I would not have had this opportunity! 

I pray this journey continues and that whatever the future brings the fear won’t stop me from making changes when they are needed, I know sometimes it might not be for the better but in this case now – it really has. Never be scared to make a change. 

Take care 



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