days out

Easter break 

Hey all, it’s been a little while since a blog post but I thought I’d talk about some lovely lovely things I’ve been up to over the Easter break. 

It does seem like it was forever ago now but still worth talking about! I loved being able to spend lots of time with my wonderful husband, friends and family – lots of people that mean the world to me 😊.

It was amazing to spend some time away and we went somewhere we had never been before, Liverpool. We stayed at the Titanic Hotel and it was beautiful – so unique and amazing drink, food and spa facilities – it was a long drive but I would definitely go back and would recommend it 😍

After this short but lovely trip we went down to Bournemouth for Easter Sunday and Monday. We got to spend time with both sides of our family and it was nice to just be together. It was a great idea of my sisters as well to make the trip over to Studland on the Monday and we had the nicest walk on a beautiful sunny day that ended in a trip to the pub 👌🏻 is there a better ending to a walk? 

Not living by the coast anymore we always find it a treat to go so having this walk by the coast was just so lovely and a few days later we ended up going to another beach, West Wittering and it was so beautiful; sand dunes, miles of sandy beach and a place to eat a picnic and enjoy the fresh air. I definitely feel as though we got our quota of fresh beach air during this break 😊

I hope you had the most amazing breaks too and got time to be with the people you love. 

Take care and lotsa love 

Jenny x 


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