The greatest home comfort for me is when there is the sweet smell of just baked cupcakes fresh from the oven.  The thought of who they are going to be enjoyed by and how they are going to look makes me love the experience even more. 

I cannot express the joy I get from being the one who gets to swirl the sweet, fluffy buttercream on the top of those cupcakes and package them up ready for someone to enjoy! I love baking and always have, from when I used to be stood next to my mum in the kitchen watching her work her magic.  There are some things in life you just know are right and me doing this is one of them. 

Whether it be individual cupcakes for a party, wedding cupcakes, a giant cupcake for that main centrepiece,  or just because you have the family round, I would love to be the one that creates them just for you.  I make every effort to listen to your needs and come up with something just for you.