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Do you need a hobby?

I was asked at the weekend a question that I hadn't really thought about, this question was - now that you bake as a job do you actually have any hobbies? It was a question that made me think and I realised I actually do but it's probably not what you would call a convential… Continue reading Do you need a hobby?

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Village life 

I love the Hampshire village we live in - I saw something recently and it prompted me to properly embrace where we live. It is a village and I've always loved the thought of being able to shop local and support businesses in the village however it has not always been that practical. Working full… Continue reading Village life 

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Home sweet home and the countryside! 

Do you ever have those weekends when you just want to get out and do something  well this was one of those, the weather forecast said ... rubbish weather (well not in those words but you get the gist). That was not going to deter us. I had a few deliveries in the morning and… Continue reading Home sweet home and the countryside!