Cupcakes can be the answer to everything. They are without a date my favourite thing to bake.

Whether it is just for an everyday treat, for a baby shower, birthday, wedding or as a gift, the lists are endless!

I love custom making cupcakes to suit your need, you might want it simple like these fresh fruit cupcakes for a wedding tower or more detailed designs. imageWe love working with people till they get something they are completely happy with. So please do get in touch and we shall see what we can do.

Some of the flavours we do are;




Red Velvet

Carrot (my favourite!)

And we always make sure the flavours of frosting match!

Cupcakes start at £1.50 and can be ordered as individual cupcakes or boxes of 4, 6, 12 and 24 (other quantities available on request)

There are plenty of occasions where cupcakes suit the event just as much as a traditional cake might.  It is easy to serve, everyone gets an equal portion and they are easy to take away at the end for example the perfect favour for a wedding (or an alternative to a wedding cake, a wedding tower).  Each cupcake is designed with you and your event in mind.

I also offer gluten free cupcakes, seen in one of the pictures below.  I will always try and cater to everyones needs where possible so do let me know what your needs are.

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